About Gerrit

Gerrit Schreurs attended the School for Photography and Photonics where he graduated with distinction. He set up his own studio in 1985. From the very first outset his work was characterized by taut, carefully created compositions in which light plays a major role. This working method, his pursuance of perfection, was not so much the result of his study, but more a way of accurate viewing and registering the world around him which was and still is self-evident to him.

Gerrit Schreurs developed a distinctly unique approach to a wide range and variety of different commissions, in which he further expanded and perfected his fascination for the possibilities afforded by technique and content-related insight. This resulted until today in a pure and specific photographic profile adding sometimes even surrealistic undertones to his work, particularly to his non-commissioned oeuvre. Taking stock after the thousands of pictures he has made during his career, his enthusiasm and interest to continually seeking out new challenges both in terms of technique and content is without a doubt the greatest motivation and incentive for his work. Schreurs is always open to new ideas and embraces new techniques and new grounds, such as film. So, exploring film-territory and the new possibilities of this discipline in depth soon led to a series of documentaries and commercials, that now form an impressive part of the Gerrit Schreurs portfolio. For the filming projects Schreurs as a director works with camera operator and editor Maurits Veldhuijzen van Zanten.

In short: Gerrit Schreurs, definitely is not one dogmatically working on a univocal oeuvre, on the contrary, he enjoys courting adventure, both in his choice of commissions and in his non-commissioned work.


“Working with the best graphic designers, curators, art directors, industrial designers, and artists ensures that you receive the feedback you need. Together they form your best soundboard and guarantee of quality. The dialogue slowly but surely helps the work increase in strength.”


“It is vital to be well-prepared. At the time of shooting, proper preparations allow you to deviate from the established path. Good preparations provide security and more freedom to experiment. And it is often the experiments that yield the most surprising results.”


“Creating non-commissioned work is essential to continuous renewal, because it helps you to take the right decisions about the content of your work at the decisive moment and to keep formulating the visual sharpness of your work.”